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Maximizing Performance in an On-Demand World
Having trouble adhering to the "best practice" around checking email twice a day versus twice every minute or so? We understand the pressures at work, in life (with your phone at the dinner table) and want to help you create habits for success without entirely cutting the digital leash.

As a time-starved leader, you likely compensate by sacrificing rest, but an on-demand expectation is here to stay and you need a fresh approach to challenge your energy draining practices.

Join leadership strategist Sara Ross for insights and research-backed strategies to help you stay at the top of your game - even when removing stress is not an option. In this hour-long complimentary webinar, you will learn

- to identify the habits that are leading to an over-stressed, under-fueled brain and how they influence your decisions, responses, and your leadership impact.

- science-backed strategies for new habits to combat stress and strengthen personal resilience.

- key insights to help you to lead others through distraction, disruption, and relentless demands.

Dec 13, 2018 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Sara Ross
Leadership Strategist & Founder of the BrainAMPED Research Group @Sara Ross & Co. Consulting
Sara Ross is a Speaker, Leadership Strategist and Researcher, but is best described as a vitality advocate on a mission to redefine how we succeed at work and thrive in life; a pursuit earning her a reputation as a fresh and thought-provoking voice in the discussions of work-life balance, sustainable high performance and organizational health. To deliver on this mission, Sara expanded her coaching and strategy firm to include BrainAMPED, a research collaboration hub dedicated to sharing brain-based, vitality-enhancing strategies to create healthier, happier, high performing leaders and workplaces.